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Know that your loved ones are cared for.

If a member of your family is living with a mental illness Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of Georgia (PLAN) can be your resource for quality care for both now and the future. PLAN, a non-profit, fee-based organization, can help you manage the multiple demands of successful caregiving.

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  • Assist clients in finding quality housing
  • Provide assistance with money management
  • Assist with grocery shopping and meal planning
  • Manage comprehensive healthcare services
  • Arrange educational and vocational support
  • Coordinate transportation, recreation, and personal needs
  • Help to obtain public benefits such as Social Security

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About Plan of Georgia

PLAN of Georgia is a non-profit agency created by families to help other families in metro Atlanta challenged by a common concern: how can we best plan for the present and future care of a family member living with a serious mental illness?

PLAN of Georgia is an affiliate of the National Plan Alliance, the umbrella organization for 18 affiliates in 22 states. Visit the National Plan Alliance website for more information.